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Thomas Melchior


Welcome to the #meinlebenistkeinspiel awareness campaign on gambling addiction. If you need help or would like to support the campaign and appear with your logo on the campaign posters, then simply get in touch via the contact form. To stay informed about the latest news on #meinlebenistkeinspiel, I recommend subscribing to the free newsletter.

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Wanna support my campaign with your company/your logo or anything else? Join my supporters club “I’d rather be addicted to life” and take a strong stand against the multiple effects of gambling addiction.

What’s so important about this? Because any money that is uselessly spent on gambling addiction, is missing to other companies. So if you are of the opinion that every investment, no matter how small, in your company has a much more meaningful and, above all, more lasting effect than simply spending your money thoughtlessly on gambling, then become part of my campaign from now on.

I’d rather be addicted to YOU. ❤️

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My Story

On May 17, 2022, I was released from detention after a total of 1216 days. My addiction to sports betting had eventually led me to prison. It all started harmlessly with a 10 Euro bet after I saw an advertisement for sports betting on TV. However, the addiction pulled me under its spell right from the start and caught me completely unprepared, as I had not been in the least aware of the enormous potential for addiction in sports betting. From then on, my life was all about placing the next bet. I isolated myself more and more from my surroundings, lost my job, my apartment, everything that was dear and important to me. In the end I was on the verge of losing myself too.

At the moment of my arrest, I felt free for the first time in 4804 days, the day I placed my first bet and my fatal addiction began. When the handcuffs clicked, I actually regained my freedom. Not only had I survived the gambling addiction, I also felt very clearly that from that moment on I had my life in my own hands again.

From the very first day I saw my stay in prison as a great and irretrievable opportunity. So during my incarceration I wrote a book called “My life is not a game” and thus made my career public early on. To spare other people a similar fate, victims as well as perpetrators. I see this as my personal responsibility towards society and towards my fellow human beings, and with the implementation of my campaign I would like to make a further contribution to doing justice to this to the required extent.

I am happy about each and every one of you who would like to accompany me on this journey, which is certainly not always easy. (Thomas Melchior)

What is my campaign about?

Based on my own experience, I would like to try to visualize the numerous consequences of gambling addiction using impressive motifs. In addition, I would like to create a symbol that can be understood worldwide for the consequences of gambling addiction through sports betting. I would like to point out that, particularly when it comes to advertising for sports betting, truth and reality differ very widely. I would like to raise awareness of the serious social consequences of the constantly increasing advertising for sports betting.


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